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First of all let me say I love the real estate investing business because if you know the various strategies of creative real estate investing like lease options, wholesaling and rehabbing, owner financing and short sales and you know a thing or two about marketing you can and will make a fortune.

But unfortunately most first time investors don't understand that they are in the business of marketing first and foremost. MARKETING drives the business.The bottom line is your real estate business cannot survive without you generating a steady stream of prospects for it.

Ultimately your goal should be to find that motivated seller make an offer, close the deal and fatten your bank account. Or I should say you should put yourself in a visible position in the marketplace so that motivated seller can find you when they are looking for a solution to their real estate woes.

A website is one of tools that you can use to attract motivated sellers. In fact a website enables you to effectively and efficiently use the internet as medium that allow sellers to reach you 24/7/365 even while you're sleep. In addition a fully search engine optimized website is one of the key components that will allow you to put your real estate business on autopilot.

Real Estate Websites To Go recognizes the importance of having a superbly designed and functioning website that doesn't cost an arm and a leg so we created our business with the aim of providing a low cost solution to the real estate entrepreneur.

In addition, since we are real estate investors ourselves and have been doing this for a long time we know what works in terms of populating a website with relevant content so that the search engines can index your website and sellers can find you. So you can rest assured when you choose one of our templates you will get the results that you need to propel your business forward.


Omar Johnson


Your real estate investor website will include the following:

  • A Home page - that contains a powerful headline that is designed to draw the motivated seller in to read the rest of the copy on your website and inspire them to act.
  • An About us page - that tells the motivated seller who you are and what you can do for them.
  • A Contact us page - that will contain ways the various way in which the seller contact you. For example your business telephone #, your cell phone #, your email address, your fax number etc.
  • A Stop foreclosure page – that offers information on how you can assist the seller in getting out of foreclosure.
  • A Property information form page – where you will gather the seller's contact information as well as additional information on the property like loans, whether property needs repairs or not etc.
  • 2 personalize free reports entitled How To Stop Foreclosure and Sell Your Home in 7 days that your
    motivated seller prospects can download right from your website

Here are the real estate investor website templates that you can choose from

Template 1

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Template 2

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Template 5

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Template 6

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Template 4

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